The First album was all made on my iphone using various sound apps. I created all the beats in one main app that is very much like an Akai MPC sampler. It has 16 pads, I can sample from vinyl, or live sounds, import those sounds via software, chop / tweak them and then sequence in the app. I can then export and open it up in Pro Tools for minor sound edits / mutes...

I had some talented Mc's that were happy to lend their skills to the project and it basically turned into a complete Vocal collaboration album!

I shot a video for one of the songs "Technology" . It is a gathering of some San Diego based emcees Blame One , Sojourn , Jimmy Powers ,Kaus, & the Anti Citizens. I did the Pre Production design / efx for the "Technology" video which was shot on the Iphone 4 with a few cinematic Lens adapters.

More talent: Capital D (All Natural) , J-A-Y the Fallguy , Uptown Swuite , Doug Masters , Spearman, Madwreck of the Others, and more...

As far as the album, It's really surprising when you listen to it. I am pretty sure no one will believe that it all came off of my phone, but I will be happy to pull out my phone on the spot and show anyone that doesn't believe me!


Intua, the software / app creator for the main app I used showed me some love on their site in anticipation for their new BeatMaker 2 app...!

A recent blurb about the album.

The 2 videos below are also featured on Intuas' website.